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FANTASTIQUES 3rd EP release & songs in Cirque Infernal!

Carmen Perez Fantastiques

Dear Monday,

Thank you for making things refuel again.

One of my music collaborations over the past years has been with an act called Fantastiques. It's so great to work with the talented Stéphane from France. We send each other files until the song is done. It's amazing what can be done with technology these days.

Fantastiques released a 3rd EP just a few days ago. I would say it's a blend of house, chillout & somewhat experimental.

Two of the songs from our previous EPs will be featured in the Cirque Infernal magical show opening in Toulouse, France on March 31st, 2017. Pretty cool.

I'm grateful for having the ability to be creative and share my work. I'm working pretty hard towards making it better every day. Have a great week everyone & thank you for stopping by.

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