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Carmen Perez is an actress, singer, songwriter, visual artist, filmmaker and a U.S. Army Veteran. She was born in Bronx, New York and raised mostly in Puerto Rico. At 17 years old, she joined the U.S. Army active duty for 6 years. After being stationed overseas and in Washington, D.C., becoming a Sergeant by the age of 21, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and International Politics with a minor in Legal Studies at George Mason University, she moved to Hollywood to pursue an acting career.

Carmen is currently Captain Vasquez on the Robert Rodriguez/Mark Burnett TV series “Lucha Underground.” She has over 60 acting credits and won Best Supporting Actress by the Valley Theatre League Artistic Director Achievement (ADA) Awards for the play “Soldiers Don’t Cry” in 2003. She has had starring roles in He’s Just Not That Into You, Nip/Tuck, Everybody Hates Chris, General Hospital, amongst others. Carmen has also written, produced, directed, starred in and composed music for several short films.

As a singer/songwriter, she released a full album COLLECTIVE FANTASY in 2014 and she has had two songs ‘Emergency’ and ‘Overload’ in both the Top 50 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and Top 10 UK Commercial Pop Charts (MusicWeek) & Top 50 in Soundworks Pool (San Francisco), with Dauman Music/Universal. The Super Stylers remix of her single “Run Little Devil” was also Top 20 in UK Commercial Pop Charts. She is currently working on her next album & a few side projects, including with an international act called Fantastiques.

As a visual artist, Carmen has been acclaimed for using bold edges and vibrant colors and is continuously inspired by her experiences and world travels. She has exhibited her artwork in the Los Angeles area and sold artwork on both the United States & internationally, including art commissions.



"Untitled Album"

by 'Carmen Perez'

New music will be released SOON in 2016. Previous music will be posted on this new website soon as well.